We installed powder spray coating stations for top quality automotive pallet coating for one of our important customers. It is an interval line when blasted and coated product is hung down every 11 minutes. As these are large products, a fully automated plastic ITS spraying booths was installed. Thanks to unique Inobell bells and coating of products from above/underneath, the booth makes lacquerers' work significantly easier. The ITS booth was custom made for given production program and customer. Such large ITS booth can be cleaned easily and fast.

Line clearance zone:

Biggest product:

  • width: 1500 mm
  • height: 2500 mm
  • length: 2100 mm
  • weight: max. 350 kg

Powder coating station includes:

  • P&F conveyor with pivotal mechanism
  • Scissor-type platforms for hanging up of products
  • Automatic jetting equipment
  • Booth for suction of abrasives
  • Fast ITS plastic booth that is equipped with:
    • 6 pcs of Inobell bells
    • 2 pcs of electrostatic pistol for coating from underneath
    • 2 pcs electrostatic pistol for coating from above
    • ITS powder centre
    • Fire-suppression system
    • Cyclone
    • Acoustically insulated external filter
    • Wall for coating of samples
  • Kiln 5 positions
  • HiVision central control system to control entire technology (coating booth, kiln, jetting box, scissor-type platform, P&F conveyor)


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