A metal that is applied to the base material (such as steel) to increase corrosion resistance. Very often, in order for the paint shop to guarantee not only corrosion resistance but also adhesion of the paint, it is necessary to partially or fully remove the zinc coat layer and replace it with a new layer formed in the pre-treatment.

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Zinc dipping – pre-treatment and final treatment

The hot galvanizing process provides complete and long-lasting corrosion protection.

To obtain perfect corrosion protection, appropriate pre-treatment will be required. According to a particular surface, we recommend our alkaline or acidic cleaning agents and we use the ENVIROX system to create a proven conversion layer. We are at your disposal to determine an individual solution for your situation.

Pretreatment before painting – coatings

We have many special products for pre-treatment before the duplex coating system. These products are used for a variety of designs and also make a significant contribution to environmental protection.

Paint stripping from zinc coating

Overview of versatile zinc-coat stripping products.

Supplementary products and services

For your convenience, we also offer equipment to ensure a better running of your production line, starting with the necessary analytical equipment to maintain bath parameters up to correcting minor lacquer defects.


Other products and services

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