March 19, 2018

Installation of a unique booth for coating oversized products

We have significantly increased the capacity of the coating line at our major client. We have installed a new and completely unique coating booth for oversized products.

The inner part of the booth is covered with plastic sheets, which made it possible to minimise the booth cleaning process. This means that the downtimes when switching to a different colour are very short. Lighting in the booth is provided with more than 180 LED lights, thanks to which a very high quality of lighting at a level of 600 lx is achieved. The lighting is also located on the door and contributes to the overall comfort of the operator during the application of the powder paint. Two filtration units with a total output of 48,000 m3/h provide suction of paint from over-sprays. One of the many safety features is a CO2 fire extinguishing device with 4 optical sensors.

After installation, our coating booth successfully passed the official test of dedicated technical equipment. The Technical Inspection of the Slovak Republic subsequently issued certificates of safety of technical equipment according to STN EN ISO/IEC 17020 and certificate of testing of technical equipment according to Decree No. 508/2009 Coll. (Electrical equipment of Group A Letter e, g).