May 4, 2017

ITS conference – ECONOMIC COATING 2017

"Economic Coating 2017". Under this title, in the term 27 to 28 April 4. 2017, an ITS conference was held in the beautiful environment of Velké Karlovice. The main topic, as the title of the conference suggests, was the search for savings in the powder coating process. The symbol of the whole conference, the Wallachian Frgál, represented not only the environment in which the conference was held, but also the main theme of the conference – the Economy, as depicted by a pie chart.

Nine parts of the pie chart were gradually presented during the two-day programme of the conference, representing the individual cost inputs into the powder coating process. Within the conference, ITS also introduced a new direction in innovations and developments in robotic coating and control systems, including newly established SQI Department, which can find the best solution for you regarding powder coating quality. There was also a social evening with a banquet and the possibility of tasting excellent wines as part of the relaxation programme.

An important part of the conference was also its accompanying programme where participants could test some of the equipment in our company's laboratory, explore a coating robot prototype or hanging and concealing technology.

The interest in the conference was huge from the very beginning and the capacity was filled very soon. More than 100 powder coating experts attended the ITS conference. We believe that the conference enriched all the attendees with a pleasant experience of meeting other experts, and contributed to the transfer of useful information directly from practice. If you are interested in the topic of coating facility economy and you are interested in implementing calculations for your own coating facility, you can contact our specialists who are fully available and can provide training for you individually. Finally, on behalf of the ITS team, we would like to thank for all positive feedback from the conference participants and, since it pleased us and motivated us very much, you can look forward to further meetings and interesting powder coating topics in the future.