We specialize in complex solutions for surface treatment with chemical agents that provide optimal adhesion, long life, corrosion protection, and that are environmentally friendly.

We have our own research team with a laboratory for quality assessment of surface treatments. Thanks to this, we are ready not only to design optimal chemical technology with the required high life and quality for our customers, but also to verify it in our lab and under semi-operational conditions. Deployment of new certified standards is supported by our integrated management system (IMS), consisting of high quality environmental and safety indicators to meet your and thus also our expectations. We aim for first-class quality, environment and safety policies.

The variety of our customers' requirements for product surface functionality is met by assortment of our products. Be it corrosion protection, adhesion of layers or other required properties, we are ready to help you find a suitable alternative for a particular metal surface or to design a multi-metal technology.

Only with perfect knowledge of the issue can we achieve the maximum effect together. We know this very well.

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