Output quality of the surface does not depend on the final paint anymore; the paint is only what can be seen at first glance and what can attract or discourage interest. In fact, a well-treated surface is a kit consisting of a base material, a pre-treatment (surface preparation for a subsequent paint) and the paint itself.

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Pre-treatment of steel, cast iron and iron before paint

Phosphating is still considered to be a pre-treatment of iron and steel surfaces prior to painting. We offer a wide range of products: standard ferrous phosphating, zinc phosphating, and the less widespread zirconium-based phosphating, to improve corrosion protection and paint adhesion. Also, we also treat products that work at low temperatures, which, besides output qualities, also brings energy savings.

Nano – conversion layers combining economy and environmental protection

After a perfect surface cleaning operation, we use our ENVIROX systems to create nanometer-thick conversion layers which last much longer compared to phosphates.

Paint stripping from steel, iron and cast iron

In the process of painting, there are situations in which it is necessary to replace existing paint with a different layer of paint, without damaging the base material. Even for these situations we have a solution for you.

Complementary assortment for pre-treatment before painting

For your convenience, we also offer equipment to ensure a better running of your production line, starting with the necessary analytical equipment to maintain bath parameters up to correcting minor paint defects.


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