July 19, 2019

Higher coating facility capacity

A Czech manufacturer of agricultural machinery and a supplier for Claas and John Deere, among others, has used a coating line from us for 12 years. However, in recent years the client has faced a situation where he was not able to produce the amount he wanted to sell.

A lower scrap rate and higher capacity

The requirement of the general renovation of the coating facility was to increase the capacity by at least one third while reducing scrap rate.

We have equipped the coating facility with:

  • a completely new Power&Free conveyor,
  • a new handling system for immersion pre-treatment and cataphoresis,
  • a new stage of pre-degreasing,
  • and we have extended both drying furnaces by 75%.

Automatic and manual coating

The modified trajectory of the conveyor together with two new coating booths brought about the possibility of manual coating of complex parts on one conveyor route and automatic coating of less space-intensive parts on the other route.

Today, the coating line runs in continuous operation, utilising the hall space to the maximum and steadily fulfils the volume of machines delivered to customers.