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As in any large family, we occasionally perform pranks, but otherwise we are one team and support each other. People are satisfied working with us – they actually leave only for maternity or retirement.


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No open positions at the moment.

Haven't found a position that suits you but would like to work for us?

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We'd love to find a position for skilled talent like you.

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Ivana Chlubnová

Ivana Chlubnová

HR Manager

+420 739 002

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Company culture

Can you see what defines us?

Let's play a game now. See if you can guess what is unacceptable during working hours in the office.

It's not as easy as it may seem. It takes full concentration, keen judgement and courage to take a risk. We only take the best to the party. Is it you?

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Does not belong Belongs

You belong to us like ice cream to the summer. Now there is no need to hesitate, join us.

Man, maybe you are right on some points, but we have it all.


Life is good everywhere, but in ITS it is the best

I wasn't expecting in the least that company events would be such an exertion for the liver and the pancreas – but when I do something, I do it right. But my belly is decent – I laugh every day.
With fried cheese I eat both tartar sauce and ketchup.

Lukáš Galla

Lukáš Galla

Head of Sales Department

The night bobsleighing on Chopok Mountain in suitcases which served a double sleigh when opened, indelibly burned in my memory. Key knowledge: The shell sleighs run better than the fabric ones. 
I hate fried cheese.

Ivana Chlubnová

Ivana Chlubnová

HR Manager

When I first saw the company's headquarters in Královo, I didn't understand that I was coming to a company that makes coating facilities. Rather, I felt like I was coming to the lawyer’s. And I had no idea that I would laugh at work every week.
Fried cheese + fries + tartar sauce = the brand ideal.

Luboš Pečinka

Luboš Pečinka

Sales Manager

Ivo came to the interview, offered me cakes, made a few jokes and disappeared again. Only later did I learn that he is the owner.
I eat fried cheese with tartar sauce on principle.

Petr Všetečka

Petr Všetečka

Sales and Technical Support

Recently, I laughed the most when Marcin and Jožka overturned while kayaking on a business trip. Long live gloating. 
I like having fried cheese with tartar sauce.

Rostislav Mičánek

Rostislav Mičánek

Head of Service (Screw Compressors)

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