Coating facilities

Laboratory SQI

We are a significant support in the field of development of technological units for surface treatment and powder coating application. Our own Surface Quality Institute (SQI) laboratory has state-of-the-art technical equipment including a metallographic microscope, two salt spray chambers and a condensation chamber.

What are we focusing on?

Tests of powder coatings and other coatings

  • tests for the evaluation of powder coating materials or anodized aluminium
  • tests of mechanical properties of the coatings
  • corrosions tests (Salt spray tests and Condensation tests)

Analyses of functional baths and wastewater

  • control of parameters of chemical pre-treatment baths and determination of conversion layers
  • simulation of the neutralization station process, determination of a wide range of wastewater parameters
  • paint removal tests

Defects identification

  • assessment of the cause of the defect on anodized parts and parts with powder coating using microscopic analyses
  • for your needs and first aid, we have created the Defect Catalog

We hold a certificate for the management system according to EN ISO 9001:2015.

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Dominika Uhlířová

Dominika Uhlířová

Head of Laboratory

+420 739 002