March 15, 2019

We are celebrating a great success with the implementation of the most modern coating facility in Europe

ITS is celebrating a great success with the implementation of a new coating facility in ISOTRA company in Opava. It is an entirely unique project with the latest technology. The huge media interest also testifies to the uniqueness of the technology supplied.

In addition to television reports made by the Czech Television, a number of articles on the Internet, in newspapers and in other media outlets about the new coating facility were published.

It is indeed the most modern coating facility of its kind in Europe with the most advanced coating technology. With the launch of a unique paint shop, production has become more efficient and performance increased more than seven times.

Installation of this technology began in October 2018 and it was approved already at the beginning of December 2018! Implementation took place in a record short time.

The entire technology covers an area of 3,896 m2 and serves for coating shading equipment. It includes electrostatic application of powder paint materials, highly efficient automatic recycling of powder paints, the possibility of quickly changing colour shades or, for example, air recovery, which is used for reverse heating of air in the coating facility.

The fully automated coating facility offers the possibility of coating profiles up to 7 m long, 1.5 m high and 0.5 m wide.

The new technology enables the preservation of coating parameters of each coated piece. Thanks to the cranes, it is also possible to transfer materials between the coating facility floors and a connection to mobile application is available to monitor the performance of the entire coating facility. 

Moreover, none of the technologies supplied has a negative impact on the environment.