July 19, 2019

Increased compressed air capacity

During the building of the extension of the new hall, a manufacturer of car air-conditioning approached us with the request to increase the total capacity of compressed air production and to increase the compressed air surplus.

Energy efficient compressor

We agreed to build another compressor room in the new production hall, which will be connected to the main compressed air distribution system. The main parameter in the selection of the new compressor was its energy efficiency and the associated operating costs. For this reason, a screw compressor with a unique and patented two-stage compression block was selected. This design truly guarantees the best efficiency of compressed air production.

Long-term satisfaction with Ingersoll Rand

The declared specific efficiency we also guarantee by contract, so in January 2016 a contract was signed for the supply of another Ingersoll Rand ML 200-2S compressor including a properly sized condensation dryer and corresponding filters. The company has long been satisfied with the operation of 5 Ingersoll Rand compressors in the main compressor room of the original production hall; therefore it decided to acquire another compressor of this brand.

A great advantage is also a guarantee of maximum service costs for 5 years of continuous operation. The capacity of the new compressor is 2,060 Nm³/h at an output overpressure of 7.5 barg. This equipment was put into trial operation in June 2016. The client was very satisfied and in 2019 we supplied another three new compressors with a total output of 750 kW.