The main reason for using superordinate control systems for compressors is electricity saving during their operation.

Practice shows that as much as 20–60 % of electricity that will be used for compressed air production is wasted due to imperfect regulation when more compressors than needed are in operation, due to wrong composition of operation of more compressors or due to unstable pressure level.

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Modern control systems enable to minimize or fully remove these imperfect regulation procedures. Control system can regulate even 12 compressors. Further it has defined performances of all compressors and based on the knowledge of the change of pressure speed in the system, it can evaluate, which compressor performance is optimal for inclusion into the work group.

Pressure at the output is maintained at constant level that is as close to the limit of requested minimum pressure as possible. Functions such as regular rotation of compressors, thus maintenance of equal loading (run) of compressors, control of compressors into various pressure zones, control of various kinds even from various compressor producers, are a matter of course of the subordinate system. Subordinate system enables remote communication using the Modbus protocol, operational data record or remote control of all compressors.


Summary of the benefits:

  • Controlling even 16 compressors
  • Possible monitoring and control of any types of compressors
  • Dynamic evaluation of current consumption and optimum choice of compressor composition
  • Regular changing of compressors

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