Ingersoll Rand, a producer of oil-free compressors, launched a 100% oil-free compressor as the first producer in 1912. Since that time the company has been developing and modernizing the technology and currently it is one of the world-leaders in oil-free compressors.

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All oil-free compressor are 100% oil-free under all possible operational conditions and they comply with class 0 according to ISO 8573-1. Compressors can be equipped with special HPM engine, which uses permanent magnets and its hallmark is the fact that the number of its starts is not limited (the compressor does not work in lightened condition) and its constant efficiency is even 96% in the entire regulation scope. Another benefit of the Ingersoll Rand compressors is the design of entire compressor for operational temperature of 46°C and temperature of cooling water of 46°C.

Last but not least, another benefit is coating of helixes when no Teflon coating is used but special Ultracoat coating that was developed for oil-free compressors and is more resistant to abrasion, more adhesive to the surface and more resistant to temperature is used. Thanks to Ultracoat coatings, constant efficiency of helix that is given by constant clearance between individual components is achieved. The Ultracoat coating has another benefit for the operators and that is the fact that constant clearance between the elements prevents back flow of compressed air that would warm the compression space more, which, in common coatings, leads to overheating and subsequent failures.


The main benefit of oil-free compressors is resistant coating of screw elements. Thanks to the patented technology, screw element does not lose its output as the types with common Teflon coating do.

Summary of the benefits:

  • Two-stage screw oil-free block from GHH-Rand
  • Special resistant Ultracoat® coating of helixes
  • Efficient IP55 (IE3) engine
  • Cooled by air or water
  • Microprocessor control with data communication

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