The Ingersoll Rand blowing machines and low-pressure compressors are known under the HIBON trademark. In the area of blowing machines, the producer offers 2-wing or 3-wing design, where the output pressure is within the scope from -500 mbar G to 1 000 mbar G and the capacity of the blowing machines can be up to 25 000 m3/hour.

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Blowing machines are produced in construction for air or other gases, including hazardous gases. Blowing machines can be produced in compliance with client's specific request. The most frequent application of blowing machines is in the field of drinking or waste water treatment, filter cleaning, etc.

Low-pressure compressors

Low-pressure compressors use oil-free compression level produced by GHH-Rand; 100% oil-free compression complying with class 0 according to ISO 8573-1 is concerned. Maximum output pressure is 3.5 barg and the capacity reaching to 8 200 m3/hour. Compressors are most frequently used as a “drive” medium in pneumatic transport, where they transport loose material to the further production process.


Turbo-compressor produces 100% oil-free air in the pressure scope of 1-45barg and to the maximum performance reaching to 850 m3/min. The most frequent application of these types of compressors is in large industrial plants with significant consumption of pressure air. Mostly automotive, textile, chemical, glass or food industries are concerned.

Summary of the benefits:

  • Two-wing and three-wing construction of the elements
  • Pressure of 80 mbar (A) to 1.8 bar (G)
  • Output of up to 45.000 m3/hour
  • Life of the bearings for up to 50.000 hours of operation
  • Rigid base frame

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