After-cooler is an equipment that reduces the temperature of compressed air, where high temperature does not enable its further processing such as drying in dryers, etc.

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When cooling compressed air, water vapours that must be removed from compressed air are condensed. Water (condensate) is further drifted by compressed air and it must be diverted using condensate diverter, see chapter of condensate separator.

In principle, cooling can be done using cooling water or air. Water after-cooler is usually in the construction of pipe exchanger, where compressed air passes through its pipes and cooling water around the pipes, see the image. Air after-cooler is equipped with heat exchanger that consists of copper pipes with aluminium ribbing. Compressed air passes through a labyrinth of the pipes and ambient air is flushed through the exchanger using a ventilator. This causes decrease of compressed air temperature and subsequent water vapour condensation.

Final temperature of compressed air is for c. 10°C higher than the temperature of cooling water or temperature of cooling air at the exchanger input.

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Summary of the benefits:

  • Effective after-cooling with CTD +8°C
  • Low loss of pressure
  • Demountable construction enabling easy cleaning

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