Compressed air filters are intended for removal of solid particles and oil vapours from compressed air

Filter inserts are produced in various constructions, from the most gross with filtration of solid particles of 1 micron and oil particles of 0.5 mg/m3 to the finest with filtration of solid particles of 0.01micron and oil particles of 0.001 mg/m3.

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By increasing quality of compressed air, the life of all appliances using compressed air, such as dryer exchangers, regulation items, extends.

Table below shows division of filtration capacity of different filter inserts. Filters are produced with starting initialization pressure gradient of 0.007 to 0.02 bar. Low pressure gradient ensures low energy performance with regard to the relation of energy and pressure when 1bar pressure gradient represents c. 7 % of total energy performance for production of pressure air.

Other benefits of the filters are operational parameters, particularly input temperature of compressed air that can reach to 66 °C. Such excellent parameters were achieved by special shape of filtration insert surface, where its area is larger by 95 % compared to common filters.


Summary of the benefits:

  • Low initiatory pressure gradient of filtration insert
  • Robust construction
  • Clear differential manometer of pressure gradient

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