Compressors with coolant injected into the compress block are the most frequent types of compressors on the market. They are popular for their reliability and low purchase price.

Heart of the Ingersoll Rand compressors is screw element made by the greatest world producer - GHH-Rand. Screw elements are produced in one-stage or two-stage design depending on efficiency of compression.

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Thanks to this unique conception, the two-stage blocks have the power even by 15% lower than the one-stage construction. Compressors with coolant injection can be supplied with classic asynchronous engine as well as with permanent magnets (HPM engine) that uses permanent magnets and its hallmark is in unlimited number of starts (compressor does not work in lightened condition), it has constant efficiency of even 96% in the entire regulation scope.

Another benefit of the compressors with injected coolant is the design of the whole compressor for operational temperature of 46°C and temperature of cooling water of 46°C.


Summary of the benefits:

  • Robust screw elements with double tapered roller bearings
  • Highly effective IP55 (IE3) engine
  • Microprocessor control system
  • Integrated air pre-filtration
  • Common operational temperature of 46°C; even 55°C if requested
  • Integrated exchanger for compressor heat recovery for heating of warm water

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