Condensate separator is an equipment that diverts condensate from compressed air. Most frequently it is used after compressed air is cooled when the condensate develops.

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Principles of separators can be different. The most frequent type of separator is a cyclone separator that utilizes the pressure energy of compressed air. Compressed air together with the condensate enters into the vessel that is, as for construction, designed so that passage of compressed air follows tangential curve.

Heavier water is separated from compressed air using centrifugal force and it pours down the walls into the lower part of the vessel. Here a diverter that diverts the condensate into collection separation vessel is placed. Diverters are in various construction, namely as float diverters or time electrical-pneumatic diverters.


Summary of the benefits:

  • Robust separator body
  • Maximum operational temperature of 100°C, input pressure of even 16 barg
  • Separator construction in compliance with PED, CE

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