CENTAC turbo-compressor is designed as a fully integrated unit including compression part, engine, original control panel with microprocessor, system of air cooling and lubricating of gear, all installed onto a special base.

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CENTAC equipment is defined as an oil-free centrifugal compressor. Air is compressed by centrifugal forces, it means using acceleration by rotating running wheel. Based on requested quantity, the air is compressed gradually through five levels.


Turbo-compressor produces 100% oil-free air in the pressure range of 1-45barg and to the maximum performance of up to 850 m3/min. The most frequent application of these two compressor types is in large industrial plants with significant consumption of pressure air. Mostly automotive, textile, chemical, glass and food industries are concerned.

Summary of the benefits:

  • 100% oil-free multi-level compression
  • Output of up to 850 m3/hour and pressure of up to 45 barg
  • Effective coolers with possible fast disassembly for mechanical cleaning
  • Unique control system
  • Very low operational and service costs

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