Freeze or condensation dryer is used if the value of pressure dew point is sufficient in the level of +3°C. Freeze dryers are the most frequent types and are suitable for common applications.

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Thanks to the design, the dryer has lower consumption of electricity by up to 30 % compared to common dryers. Ecologic gasses such as R134A, R407C or R410A are used in the cooling circuit. Automatic condensate diverter, regulation valve in cooling circuit with temperature protection, control of compressor overload and regulation of engine ventilator are a matter of course in the dryer equipment.

Standard construction of the dryers is up to the pressure of 20 barg with possible construction up to the pressure of 40 barg. Dryers can be operated in the ambient temperature reaching up to 50 °C and the maximum input temperature value can be up to 60 °C! Freeze dryers can be cooled by air and water.


Heart of the freeze dryer is an air-air exchanger. In smaller dryers of the size below 6 m3/min it is made of stainless steel and in larger dryers of aluminium composition. Construction of the dryer is designed so that input compressed air that is warm and fully saturated with water vapour after compression is cooled, which makes subsequent drying energetically less demanding.

Summary of the benefits:

  • Compact aluminium exchanger with low pressure gradient
  • Ecologic coolant R134a or R407c based on performance of the dryer
  • Output reaching to 23.000 m3/hour, pressure 13barg
  • Max input temperature: 60°C
  • Max ambient temperature: 50°C
  • Control panel with data transfer

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