The OC Industrial Group AG company is devoted, within its activities, to development and projecting of technologies in the field of compressed air technology under the Zephyr trade name.

The company is devoted directly to the design of construction of oil compressors, exchangers of freeze dryers and filtrations of mechanical impurities. These three branches that intersect with other production activities of the holding bring synergic effects for the whole of the OC Industrial Group AG group. The constructors' focused specialization enables to achieve the best results in the field and to be a leader in the market.

Our company IDEAL – Trade Service, spol. s r.o. is the exclusive representative of OC Industrial Group AG for Zephyr technologies for the territory of Europe.

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Permanent aim in the field of oil-flooded compressors construction is maintenance of a design so that the compressor would demonstrate as good efficiency of pressure air production as possible while maintaining competitive ability in given segment. Correct choice of helix size, appropriate dimension of cooler and economic regulation of the machine influences its overall efficiency. Constructors' main motto is a design of compressor with the lowest possible loss. This can be achieved by minimizing inner pipe connection in the compressor, correct choice of connective dimensions with the lowest possible pressure gradient, proper placing of the compression and cooling parts of the machine, high-performance asynchronous engine and efficient frequency converter. These elements contribute most to overall loss, and thus to overall compressor efficiency. OC Industrial Group chooses individual components from world producers that are absolute leaders in given field. Technicians within OC Industrial Group design exchangers for refrigeration industry and filtration of mechanical impurities. As these exchangers are the hearts of freeze dryers, there was only a small step to design of the dryers.

Production of Zephyr technologies is permanently monitored by the OC Industrial Group AG technicians, so the achieved quality of products is at top level. Zephyr products are produced in compliance with ISO 1217:2009, appendix C (standard defining compressors performance and their power), ISO 9001 (quality management system) and ISO 14001 (environmental management system).

Swiss engineers' responsibility to the environment while designing Zephyr technologies must be mentioned too. Due to solutions that provably decrease consumption of electricity, burden in production of harmful emissions decreases too.


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