The aim in compressed air filtration is design of such construction that will have as low initialization pressure gradient as possible. Filtration with the initial pressure gradient of unbelievable 0.07 bar has been developed! Such low pressure gradient decreases operational costs of compressors' power and also of durability of filtration insert.

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Filtration is produced in the following lines and it is guaranteed in compliance with ISO 8573.1:2010. This standard clearly sets the qualitative requirements for solid particles content, oil particles content and humidity content (PDP) in compressed air.

Compressed air quality classes in compliance with ISO 8573.1:2010. Filter construction is designed so that any possible leakage of compressed air, and thus occurrence of undesired loss are excluded. Filter body is made of noncorrosive materials with surface treatment that prevents oxidation and corrosion of inner parts.

Zephyr filtration is designed for filtering compressed air of the pressure of 16 bar and input temperature of 66° C! Besides the above stated production parameters, filtration for high pressure application to the pressure of 50 barg and for input temperatures of 120°C, or as requested by the client, can be supplied.


Summary of the benefits:

  • Very low initialization pressure gradient of 0.07 bar
  • Common operation to 120°C
  • Filtration of solid particles of 0.01 micron, oil particles of 0.001 mg/m3
  • Filter body from noncorrosive materials
  • Inner surface treatment of the filter
  • High resistance to high input temperature
  • Clear differential manometer
  • Easy and fast exchange of filter inserts

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