Zephyr oil-flooded compressors are constructed so that in their class they represent optimal solution for final clients, with regard to compressor efficiency, investment price and service costs.

compressor losses, size of cooler and its placement towards the compression part of economic regulation using effective asynchronous engine and effective frequency converter.

Summary of the benefits:

  • Microprocessor control system with possible remote communication
  • User easy control panel in Czech and other languages
  • Direct connection of helix and engine
  • Economic induction engine with frequency converter complying with IE3 energy class
  • Smooth change of air supply corresponding to current consumption (variant with VFD)
  • Soft start without voltage peak (variant with VFD)
  • High-performance cooler over-capacity by 30%
  • High efficiency of oil/air separation
  • Minimization of hose connections inside the compressor

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