In OC Industrial Group AG, exchangers for refrigeration industry are designed and filtration of mechanical impurities is carried out. As these exchangers are the hearts of freeze dryers, there was only a small step to dryers design. Exchangers are produced in stainless steel or aluminium construction.

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Compressed air after compression is fully saturated with water vapour and contains residues of solid particles and oil. This contamination is very hazardous for the final facility, where there is the risk of its damage or reduction of function or performance. The basis of the dryer is an exchanger made of so called compact modular system – air – air exchanger and evaporator and shield condensate separator. Warm and saturated compressed air enters the unit for pre-cooling or after-heating. Air is pre-cooled using dried cold air, which decreases thermal load of the main exchanger and essentially decreases the operational costs by even 30%. Cooled compressed air enters the exchanger, where the temperature of compressed air is reduced to requested pressure dew point (PDP). Cold air together with the condensate enters integrated separator, where the condensate is led away to the diverter using centrifugal force. Dried and cold air enters back to the unit for pre-cooling or after-heating, where it is warmed using input compressed air. Usage of coolant that is friendly to the environment is a matter of course. Common construction of the dryers is to the pressure of 15 barg and, if requested by the customer, freeze dryer to the pressure of 50 barg can be produced. Zephyr dryer design is made for the input temperature of 38°C and the dryer can be operated to the input temperature of 60°C. Freeze dryers are produced in performance lines of 0.6 – 180 m3/min. Air or water cooling of the dryer can be selected.


Summary of the benefits:

  • Compact heat exchanger
  • Efficient and reliable compressor with low noise level
  • Regulation bypass valve with regulation of pressure dew point above the constant value
  • Capacity: 36 – 33.000 m3/hour
  • Max working pressure: ≤1.5MPa (15 barg)
  • Max input temperature: 60°C
  • Max ambient temperature: 50°C

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