When compressing air the compression heat that is, in common compressors, wasted in air coolers is produced. The heat makes 90% of electrical power and it can be used secondarily for other applications. Compression heat can be used for tempering adjacent rooms or heating water or other procedural liquids.

Summary of the benefits:

  • possibility to transfer heat on long distances
  • design of the system of recuperation and temperature gradient of the whole system as requested by the customer
  • output water temperature reaching to 85°C (suitable for technological processes or high temperature heating) or with output water temperature of 60°C that is suitable for heating water (heating of water for employees showers).
  • possible connection of the system of recuperation with existing systems of heating (gas boilers, thermal pumps, etc.)
  • applicable for existing compressor rooms
  • essential decrease of costs of electricity and gas
  • decrease of CO2 emissions
  • return of whole investment within months

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Recuperation of heat by blowing hot air through ventilation piping

In this variant, existing air coolers and compressor ventilators are used. Ventilation piping is set at cooling expiration and using it, adjacent operations, workshops, storages, and production halls can be heated. Its advantages are quite easy installation and purchase price. Disadvantage is the fact that heat cannot be used continually all year long and the system cannot be combined with other heating systems into one unit.

Recuperation of heat from the oil circuit of compressor

The most effective method for utilization of residual heat is collecting thermal energy directly from the oil circuit of compressor and supplying such energy into water.

The principle lies in inclusion of a plate exchanger into the oil circuit of compressor, from which it collects and transforms thermal energy to secondary side, where it can be used for heating of water, heating system, heating of technological processes, etc. Oil circuit is further supplemented with thermostatic valve that keeps constant temperature in oil circuit so that the entire system and air coolers are not exerted due to tension caused by temperature fluctuation.

If thermal energy is not collected by recuperation exchanger, in other words – if there is no heat collection by final equipment (boiler, chemical pre-treatment in coating, in heating system, etc.), it is wasted through air cooler of the compressor. This regulation inside the compressor is fully autonomous.

Applicable heat output from compressors


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