We value our customers and suppliers

We honestly try to be a fair partner for all our customers and suppliers. We are aware that without their success we cannot prosper. We want to contribute to creating of a network of companies and individuals who confess values such as honesty, openness, mutual trust, respect and help. This is how we want to contribute to improvement of the society so that the widest possible group of people will live their happy lives.

We value all our colleagues' work

The company is built on people, not on machines or regulations. We know that honest work of all of us contributes to our common success. We believe that all of us endeavour to develop the assigned sphere and themselves in the best possible way.

We always keep what we promised

We are aware that by not keeping our promise we cause difficulties to our partners. Unmet expectations are always a source of unpleasant surprises and stress.

We are willing to listen to and accept our partners' opinions

We always try to free ourselves from our subjective attitude and try to understand our partners' different views. We can change our attitude and admit that other solution is better for our team or our business partners.

We openly communicate bilaterally

We are very open and honest in our mutual communication. We can praise success mutually. We are able to say directly when we do not like something or do not agree with something. Prospective disagreement or criticism is always driven by the willingness to help the partner and our team.

We appreciate the benefits and freedom provided by the company

We are convinced that it is the maximum possible freedom in decision making in assigned sphere and freedom for development of own abilities what leads to our better performance and motivation. We apply ourselves to as fair remuneration for achieved results as possible. We endeavour for all employees to have the best conditions for their work.

We are able to admit our mistake and we are able to warn of mistakes / unethical conduct that we can witness

We all make mistakes or commit something we are not proud of. We value those who can admit their mistakes, and thus avoid many misunderstandings in our team. It is even more difficult to warn your partner of a fault. We never understand such warning as an attack against ourselves but as an endeavour to help us and our team.

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