Research Center

In the development centre, we combine the latest technology with practice, which allows us not only to test common processes, but also to develop and optimise new technological processes.

The development centre is assembled as a complete painting line with all kinds of conveyors. It can handle everything from manual, automatic and robotic painting. Thanks to the full chemical 10° pre-treatment, we can analyze suitable technological processes. Using several chemical processes in one test, we will select the most suitable one for you.

What can we help you with?

  • Economics
    • Independently determine the cost of coating a single product, regardless of its type or production process.
    • Efficient planning and optimization of production processes thanks to accurate information on energy costs.
  • Robotics
    • Testing the effectiveness of robot deployment in practice.
      • Painting, hanging and hanging products, masking, measuring paint layer thickness, robotic paint logistics, etc.
  • Automation
    • Designing and testing automation of the painting process.
    • Simulation and operation in real environments for optimum efficiency.
  • Technological procedures
    • Testing and selecting the most suitable technological processes in our full-scale chemical pretreatment.
    • Ensuring optimal results in the preparation of materials for painting.

Thanks to our state-of-the-art SQI laboratory, we verify everything with certified tests (corrosion tests, mechanical tests, functional and effluent analysis).

Are you interested in the services of our Research Center?

Rostislav Dvořák

Rostislav Dvořák

International Sales Manager

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