August 8, 2019

Recovery of waste heat

A company producing aluminium packaging has begun the process of gradual modernisation of production to reduce its operating costs while improving the environmental impact.

Heat recovery pays off

The project also included the intention of using the waste heat generated during the operation of the compressors in the main compressor room to temper adjacent storage hall with an area of approximately 12,000 m². Based on a feasibility study, we have demonstrated the meaningfulness of this project and its very fast economic return.

After the investor’s approval of the project we delivered a complete heat recovery system including installation and control. After the trial operation, in the middle of the heating season, we started the system. Already in the first month of operation, it has been shown that the heat recovery is very effective making it possible to completely shut down the very costly steam heating in the adjacent storage hall.

Millions saved

The investment paid off in less than a month of winter operation of the heat recovery system and the annual operating savings on heating amount to millions of crowns. Based on this experience, the investor took similar measures for his other production technologies.