Coating line with the Power&Free conveyor

We have implemented a coating line with the Power&Free conveyor for a company processing sheet metal, producing light constructions, shelving systems and furniture. 

Project information

Year of Realization2016
LocationZvole u Prahy (CZ)
Flow profile700 x 2000 x 3000 mm (w x h x l)
  • coating line
  • Power & Free conveyor, line tact of 2 minutes/cart
  • 5-stage chemical pre-treatment (including demi equipment and automatic dosage of chemicals)
  • drying oven and curing oven
  • stainless steel coating booth with 2 manual guns
  • plastic booth for fast colour changes (4+4 automatic HDLV guns and 2 manual HDLV guns)
  • cooling tunnel behind the curing oven
  • discontinuous neutralisation station
  • HiVision control system with the SQL database

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