Control system for a blister machine

In 2020, we newly equipped a blister machine with the HiVision control system for a company producing food supplements, including vitamin supplements.

Project information

CustomerNEOPHARMA a.s.
Year of Realization2020
LocationKanice (CZ)
  • control system HiVision

Project description

The company is engaged in production of food supplements, including vitamins, and they were in great demand during the Covid pandemic. So when the original machine control system failed, it was very critical for the company.

With regard to possible complications for existing maintenance, we suggested replacement of software, PLC and machine control terminal and retaining most of the hardware. We managed to create a completely new program in several days and the machine was operating in full load within a week.

The new terminal provided the operators with a more comfortable control in Czech language and maintenance with a comprehensive program with clearly defined functions. Additional features for possible further development, such as automatic adjustment of the shift position according to stretching of the carrier foil when being heated, have been implemented on the machine.

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