Combined two-track powder coating line with wet coating booth

We have constructed a combined two-track coating line with wet and powder coating booths. The delivery included an air handling unit with the capacity of 20 000 m³/hour and automatic blasting machines. The entire technology is electrically heated.

Project information

CustomerBlaze Harmony s.r.o.
Year of Realization2022
LocationLipník nad Bečvou (CZ)
Flow profile800 x 1200 x 2000 mm (w x h x l)
IndustryManufacture of boilers
  • conveyor with the rail groove oriented downwards  
  • automatic plastic coating booth, 1 + 1 pc Sames automatic bells, 2 pcs two-axis manipulator, 2 pcs hand operated guns
  • light gate for detection of product height and width
  • cyclone
  • powder centre with automatic paint refill
  • automatic fire extinguishing equipment with CO2 for painting booth
  • automatic neutralization station
  • LED bar for effective suspension
  • painting booth for wet painting, room for paint preparation, volatilization zone
  • Sames wet application technology
  • HiVision® Complex, WebControl, HiVision Cloud control systems
  • axial fans behind the drying and curing oven

Project description

The coating line can powder coat bodies of the weight of 200 kg and the wet node can paint even bodies of the weight of several tonnes. The technology was financed by a European Union grant.

Pellet boilers are nowadays a matter of design and quality of coating plays an important role; that is why we used the innovative application technology of Sames bells for the coating booth. The technology will ensure perfect coating with even layer of powder over entire surface of the products.  

As handling of big and heavy parts is complicated at nominal speed of 0,5m/min, the coating line is equipped with a suspension system – using the LED bar indicator that displays the most effective suspension of the products in a row.

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