Wet Robotic Painting Line

We built a wet robotic paint shop for a German vacuum pump manufacturer. An interesting solution is the hanging of products located directly on the production site using liftstationt. This saves time for the operator as the products do not need to be transported to a special hanging point.

Project information

CustomerBusch Výroba CZ s.r.o.
Year of Realization2021
LocationLiberec (CZ)
IndustryVacuum Pump Manufacturer
  • wet painting booth with fire sensors                
  • 2x painting robot with complete accessories
  • UV chamber for surface inspection
  • paint preparation room
  • application equipment - 2 automatic guns 
  • drying chamber, air circulation with heat recovery
  • flash-off zone, air circulation with recuperation
  • double track conveyor Power & Free with liftstation
  • manual painting box with chain hoists
  • HiVision® Complex control system, web browser control via HiVision® WebControl, eSaver energy saving system                

Project description


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