May 29, 2023

We celebrated 30 years of ITS

ITS has reached an important milestone this year - we are celebrating 30 years since our founding. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we hosted an unforgettable party. We conceived the celebration in Brno's SONO Music Club as an event full of cinematic melodies with the main theme "Back to the Future".

The theme of our celebration was the legendary film Back to the Future, because we at ITS have also traveled through time and experienced many adventures full of unexpected twists and turns. Just like Marty McFly and Dr. Brown, we are determined, not afraid to take risks, and together we overcome all obstacles and make our dreams come true.

SONO Music Club and its modern design and great acoustics created a comfortable environment in which we could celebrate our successes and reminisce about the past together.

The main program was a unique musical show FILM MUSIC TOUR with movie tunes. Unique arrangements for brass instruments by the Moravia Brass Band from Brno were accompanied by the singing of soloists Anna Julie Slováčková and Milan Peroutka. The atmosphere of the concert was enriched by the energetic conductor Chuhei Iwasaki. 

The talented multi-genre musician Jiří Kalousek sang and played for dancing and listening at the end.

Thank you all for attending and for being and staying a part of our history, past and future.