Two years ago we installed continuous coating line for our customer that produces school furniture. In current production boom the company needed to promptly react on dramatic increase of the demand for powder coating. The coating facility was equipped with stainless steel coating booth with external suction, including recycling of colour by cyclone, and two workplaces for manual coating.

The fastest and most effective way for increasing the production capacity by the minimum of 30% was to automatize the coating booth. Automation included the following adjustments and equipment:

  • adjustment of booth skeleton
  • adjustment of HiVision control system
  • 2 pcs of single axis manipulators + laser gate for detection of the product height
  • 6 pcs of automatic pistols

The overall duration of installation, including commissioning and training of personnel, was 5 days (long weekend). Customer's expectation for requested increase of production capacity and decrease of the portion of human labour at coating was fulfilled. 


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