We have implemented a manual conveyor at a leading European producer of mechanisms for hoisting and tilting of municipal and industrial waste bins. The conveyor can transfer ton products through individual parts of the technology including automatic jetting. The production capacity significantly increased thanks to installation of our transport system.

Conveyor clearance zone:

Biggest product:

  • width: 400 mm
  • height: 1700 mm
  • length: 3000 mm
  • weight: max. 1000 kg

Manual conveyor includes:

  • steel construction of the entire technology and the conveyor, including structural integrity review
  • manual conveyor of the length of 280 m
  • station for assembly of extensions 16 positions
  • station for hanging up/down of products 3 positions
  • station for fanning abrasives
  • 30 carts with mounting rails for variability of hanging up 
  • 4 pcs of manual crane with fixing units
  • conveyor groove for automatic jetting equipment


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