We have completed a new kiln for a significant company providing service of propane-butane bottles.

The new kiln allows increasing of the conveyor speed from current 0.8 m/min to 1.2 m/min, which significantly increases the production of surface treatment. The main production of the surface treatment technology are bottles:

  • 10kg of the volume outer diameter 300 mm, height 482 mm, wall thickness 2.0 to 2.2 mm, weight 11 to 13 kg  (90% of production volume)
  • 33kg of the volume outer diameter 300 mm, height 1305 mm, wall thickness 2.0 to 2.4 mm, weight 28 to 30 kg (10% of production volume)

The kiln is designed and produced by the latest technologies offered by current market. The customer's main parameter was quickness of the delivery and assembly, enlargement of the space for logistics and maximum energy saving. The technology was produced, assembled and commissioned in 5 weeks.


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