Metal, whose importance and market presence has been growing steadily. Demands in terms of its surface quality have been increasing.

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ANODIZING - attractive design and options for preventing corrosion

Only perfect knowledge of the issue will help you achieve the desired surface design. Matte or glossy look is less difficult to achieve than repeat.

From surface degreasing to sealing with the help of contact strips and balls for hot sealing baths to prevent heat loss and unwanted evaporation. All this can be obtained from one partner. With us, aluminum becomes a strong material with high functional and aesthetic value.

Pre-treatment of aluminum before painting, gluing and other operations

Optimal adhesion, long service life and corrosion protection. Whether it is a classic yellow chromate or environmentally-friendly chrome-free conversion coating, our aluminum pre-treatment products will ensure permanent adhesion.

Whether you wet or powder painting follows, you can trust the diversity of our products and our many years of experience. We can provide our customers with long-term guarantees.

The Alufinish brand is your guarantee!

Paint stripping – removing the paint while maintaining formed conversion layers

In the process of painting, there are situations in which it is necessary to replace the existing paint with a different paint without damaging the base material. Even for these situations we have a solution for you.

Additional products

Overview of additional anodizing and aluminum pre-treatment products.


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