August 13, 2019

High-pressure compressor station with regeneration

A company producing air-conditioning units for the automotive industry has decided to increase the production of car radiators and invest in a new production hall.

Ingersoll Rand compressors

As the general contractor of the compressor station we recommended a solution consisting of two Ingersoll Rand R75i compressors and one compressor with a frequency inverter and permanent magnet motor Ingersoll Rand R75n on the basis of the required compressed air capacity.

To ensure the quality of the compressed air, the D2600IB absorption dryer with a drying technology based on electrically heated atmospheric air (hot regeneration of drying charge) has been designed. This solution consumes no compressed air that has already been produced and has significantly lower operating costs than a dryer with cold regeneration. The total capacity of the compressor station at 7 bar is 2,400 m³/h.

Control with HiVision Air

A client needed compressed air at 50 bar for leak testing, so we designed a high-pressure compressor station with two Ingersoll Rand 15T2X200-70 S/D compressors. We facilitated control of the high-pressure part of the compressor station with our own HiVision Air system, which ensures the sensing of compressor operating states and the correct functioning of the compressors.

Using the VA500 inflow probe with Internet connection to the PC, the client can monitor the amount of compressed air produced and the actual air performance of the compressors directly on a computer in the office.