May 21, 2024

With us, innovation is within your reach: the unique ITS development centre

ITS' commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology has earned it a reputation as an innovator and leader in surface treatment technology. We have now built our own development  and research center that allows us to test new technologies and products in real-world conditions.

The centre is equipped with the most technically advanced equipment and is set up as a complete paint line with all kinds of conveyors. It can handle everything from manual, automatic and robotic painting.

Thanks to testing under real conditions, we will, for example, find out the exact cost per product in the painting process and recommend the appropriate production procedure. We can test the painting of products when uniformity or a certain paint film thickness is required. From the tests we then determine under which conditions the product can be painted automatically, and when manual or robotic spraying is necessary. We calculate the exact paint consumption for painting and the quantity required per product. We can paint a product including a full pre-treatment, which can then be used for further tests or as a sample piece. We can simulate these tests first and present them to you using 3D or virtual reality. 

The development centre works closely with the Surface Quality Institute - our laboratory. There, a team of experienced experts is dedicated not only to the development of technological processes, but also to corrosion and mechanical testing as well as the analysis of bath operating parameters. It also determines the parameters of the outlet waters, sets up the entire neutralization process and recommends suitable solutions according to environmental standards.

At ITS, we understand that each client and each project is unique and requires an individual approach. This makes ITS an exceptional player in the industry. 

Research Center ITS


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