August 13, 2019

New powder coating facility for heat pumps

Our client, a company manufacturing electrical equipment, switchboards and vacuum technology, needed advice on surface treatment technology

Up to 340,000 ㎡/year in one shift

All of the company’s heat pump production was coated in co-operations and problems with logistics, quality, deadlines or price were appearing more and more frequently. Not only Western markets, such as Switzerland and Germany, demand top quality. The client therefore decided to build a new modern powder coating facility in the company’s existing hall.

The powder coating facility was built with the intent to keep everything under supervision and improve product quality. This coating facility has a four-stage chemical pre-treatment, which is able to guarantee the corrosion resistance of the products for 480–720 hours in the salt chamber. It is a continuous powder coating facility with a nominal speed of 1 m/min and the ability to finish up to 340,000 ㎡/year in one shift.

Uniform paint thickness

Another important parameter was the uniform paint thickness of the products. Therefore, we have installed a unique Inobell powder bell system in our coating booth. The bells guarantee a uniform paint thickness of 80 µm throughout the product.

The client had no experience in surface treatment, so we helped the company with the following:

  • Professional training focused on individuals
  • Creating a concealment and hanging system for the products
  • Use of appropriate instrumentation and laboratory techniques for analyses
  • Preparation of the hall for the considered technology (ventilation, lighting, compressed air, etc.)