November 27, 2020

Powder coating facility for automotive industry

Our client produces automotive metal pallets that had no surface treatment technology in place. They coated all production of automotive pallets in co-operations and needed to be more efficient.

Automatic powder coating facility

Problems with logistics, part sizes, quality, deadlines or prices occurred frequently. Its customers, world-renowned automobile brands such as VW, Audi, Skoda, Ferrari, Bentley, demand quality and adherence to deadlines. It was therefore decided to build a new modern automatic powder coating facility in a new hall.

Coating large and heavy parts

The powder coating facility was implemented with the aim of keeping everything under control: It has an automatic blasting machine that can mechanically adjust new and refurbished pallets. The pallets have large dimensions and weigh up to 500 kg, therefore Inobell powder bells were installed into the ITS coating booth, including automatic coating of the top and bottom of the pallet. This solution can automatically and uniformly coat more than 80% of the product area.

Professional training courses

It is a timing coating facility, where we treat the surface of one pallet every 15 minutes. The client had no experience in surface treatment, therefore we helped them also with other processes:

  • Professional training focused on individuals
  • Creating a unique hanging system for selected products
  • Preparation of the hall for the considered technology (lighting, compressed air, etc.)