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Manipulators are the basis of modern lines. They enable automatic movement of the product in the vertical direction and ensure its transfer between the operator and the conveyor.

Due to the higher weights and sizes of some of the painted parts, their use is highly efficient. The manipulators we have developed improve the ergonomics of handling parts, enable compliance with hygiene limits and create an important prerequisite for optimal productivity of the entire paint line.

Key features:

  • design and components with very simple servicing.
  • increased gearbox load factor for long service life
  • integrated frequency converter for smooth stroke
  • guides to ensure a constant position of the product during hanging
  • two-speed stroke with locking function in a single hanging control
  • locking hardened pins for safe operation and long system life
  • high durability pneumatic system
  • control by safety inductive sensors
  • compatible with any manufacturer's overhead conveyor

Standard range of manipulators:

  1. 400 kg capacity* with a maximum stroke speed of 10 m/min and a maximum stroke of 2,800 mm 
  2. 1,000 kg capacity with a maximum stroke speed of 10 m/min and a maximum stroke of 2,800 mm

* depends on the design of the traverse

Where you can use our manipulators (c-profile):

  • overhead conveyor non-powered - standard solution
  • Powered overhead conveyor - Power&Free

The principle of moving the traverse always depends on the specific project and is specified according to the requirements.

Manipulační zdvihací zařízení ITS

The ITS lift stationhas been installed, for example, on the weight painting line at Fab-Tech.

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