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Robotic coating

We have a lot of experience with integrating robotic systems for automatic coating and hanging in accordance with Industry 4.0.

Robotic painting is not just about the robot as we know it. It can encompass a wide range of technologies, including manipulators, linear axes and mobile robots. In addition, there is the concept of collaborative robotics, where a machine works with a human to take over certain tasks while the human handles other parts of the process. It should be understood that the robot is only one of many elements in the whole automation process.

Why choose robotic painting?

  • Accuracy and speed of production: robots can apply paint with consistent quality and in a short time, increasing overall productivity.
  • Working in hazardous or hostile environments: robots are not afraid of dusty or chemically aggressive conditions, making them the ideal choice for harsh production environments.
  • Minimizing human intervention and increasing reliability: Process automation eliminates human error and increases consistency of results.
  • Increase efficiency and quality: robotic automation delivers consistent results with minimal errors.
  • Safe and reliable operation: Robotic systems eliminate the risk of workplace accidents and ensure ongoing operational reliability
  • Cost reduction: automating the painting process saves time and resources, resulting in lower overall production costs.

Efficient automation for your production

When implementing robotic painting, it is always necessary to test the entire process, only then can the economics of the design and compliance with the required parameters be evaluated. In our development centre we carry out tests of the entire process.

In addition to painting, we also offer the implementation of other automated processes such as hanging, hanging and masking.together with inspection automation or inspection, which includes the measurement of the unbaked paint layer and the inspection of the finished layer.

With our knowledge and experience, we are ready to help you implement robotic painting, whether it is a new paint shop or an existing facility.


Are you interested in robotic coating?

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