Doubling the capacity of the coating line with KTL

Due to increased demand for containers for combined transport, our long-standing partner approached us with a request to double the capacity of the painting line. Considering that these are products with the dimensions of 9125 x 2900 x 3200 mm, the dimensions of individual parts of the line are not of negligible parameters either.

Project information

CustomerKEREX s.r.o.
Year of Realization2018
LocationMichalovce (SK)
Flow profile2.900 x 3.200 x 9. 125 mm (w x h x l)
  • extension of the power coating facility by adding a drying oven after KTL
  • automation of cranes for product handling over chemical pre-treatment
  • KTL node
  • HiVision control system

Project description

The extension consisted in adding a curing oven for powder coating, drying oven after KTL, coating booth for application of powder coatings and manipulator for chemical pre-treatment and KTL. In particular, the addition of the manipulator with its total load capacity of 12 t and automation of the entire process were the most complicated parts of the project. The HiVision* control system developed by ITS controls the actual load on the manipulator during lifting of the container from individual chemical pre-treatment tubs so that the maximum load capacity is not exceeded, as well as during immersion so that floating of product is prevented. This ensures continuity of maximum capacity utilization of the equipment.

Another interesting feature of the project was the coating booth for manual application of powder coat on large-volume products. The booth is sheathed on the inside with plastic panels for easier and faster cleaning when changing the colour shade. The panels are equipped with more than 180 LED lights, thus high quality of lightning at the level of 600 lx is achieved. Two filtration units with total capacity of 48000 m3 / hour provide extraction of overspray powder. After installation the coating booth has successfully passed the official test of the reserved technical equipment, on the basis of which the Technical Inspectorate of the Czech Republic issued the certificate of safety of the technical equipment and of the official test of the technical equipment as per the Decree No. 508 / 2009 Coll.

The fully automated process guarantees repeatability of production and adherence to accurate parameters to achieve top quality of chemical pre-treatment and cataphoresis. Knowledge of the process thanks to a long-standing cooperation was one of the key elements in implementation of the project that provided our partner with the required increase of capacity.

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