New backup electric heating units for the paint shop

We installed new electric ITS heating units at the paint shop, where the main source of heating for the drying and curing ovens is natural gas. These will be used as backup heating for the ovens. The customer can switch to electric heating in case of natural gas shortage or extremely high prices. This transition is possible for two reasons:

1. Sufficient reserve in the transformer station (up to 600 kW)
2. High output solar panels on the roof

Project information

CustomerISOTRA a.s.
Year of Realization2022
LocationOpava (CZ)
IndustryProduction of shading technology
  • electric heating units
  • new switchboard for the drying and curing ovens
  • adjustment of the control system to el. heating for drying and curing oven HiVision EHEAT

Project description

We installed 14 electric heating units with a total output of 550 kW at the existing ITS powder coating plant before the end of 2022. Ten units were installed in the curing oven and four units in the drying oven. It was necessary to adjust the air ducts in each oven to ensure the ideal flow of hot air. Everything is controlled by a new switchboard which monitors a total electricity power and distributes to the heating units.

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