Coating line with the flow profile height of 2.2 m

A large continuous line designed for high capacity that is given by the conveyor speed of 4 m/min and passage profile height of 2.2 m.

Project information

CustomerFOXCONN CZ s.r.o.
Year of Realization2015
LocationPardubice (CZ)
Flow profile800 x 2.200 x 1.000 (w x h x l)
  • continuous coating line with the conveyor speed of 4 m/min
  • 5-stage chemical pre-treatment (including demi equipment and automatic dosing of chemicals)
  • drying oven
  • plastic coating booth for fast colour changes (9+9 automatic pistols and 3 manual guns)
  • coating booths with accessories located in air-conditioned clean room
  • curing oven
  • cooling tunnel
  • automatic continuous neutralization station
  • HiVision control system with the SQL database

Project description

The line includes a quality multi-metallic chemical pre-treatment with possible control of spray power by frequency converters, depending on the type of treated products. The curing oven is designed in an interesting way. It is not only of bell type (sometimes also type A curing oven) and the space behind is used for cooling of products which provides maximum utilization of the hall height of 9 meters but it also includes powerful extraction controlled by the frequency converter based on the type of the product.

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