Coating line with the Industry 4.0 subsidy

We have built a continuous powder coating facility using the Industry 4.0 subsidies for our major client in the sphere of automotive. Here, huge emphasis was put on the quality of the surface-treated parts. Manual booth for wet coating is a part of the technology.

Project information

CustomerPosmayspol s.r.o.
Year of Realization2020
LocationMost (CZ)
Flow profile1.000 x 1.900 x 3.000 mm (w x h x l)
  • conveyor speed:  2 m/min
  • number of stages in pre-treatment:  4
  • drying oven
  • automatic coating plastic booth:  8 Inobell SAMES KREMLIN automatic bells, 2 automatic static pistols, 2 manual pistols                                                                
  • sampling manual powder booth
  • curing oven
  • cooling tunnel
  • manual wet coating booth:  2 manual pistols + SAMES KREMLIN mixing centre
  • neutralization station
  • HiVision control system
    • display of custom orders (RAL, number of pcs,..)
    • display of the hanging plans using a LED rail
    • automatic loading of the process start at the input (start / end of the order)
    • connection to the ERP system (Helios)
    • automatic reporting of the actual number of pieces and coating time to Helios
    • automatic write-off of the pieces from coating facility storage

Project description

Chemical pre-treatment complies with the C4/C5 corrosion resistance. The technology complies with the highest requirements for digitalization and automation thanks to our HiVision control system.

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