Continuous powder coating plant with two painting booths

We supplied a powder coating plant with two coating booths and a 5 stages chemical pre-treatment to a company involved in custom machine manufacturing. The customer placed emphasis on degreasing quality and corrosion resistance, including operating economy.

Project information

CustomerNordic Steel s.r.o.
Year of Realization2023
LocationFulnek (CZ)
IndustryEngineering, custom manufacturing
  • 5 stages chemical pre-treatment with automatic dosing system, including measuring probes on each bath. Spray rings are located  behind each bath.
  • Blow-off nozzles at the exit of the chemical pretreatment
  • Platform for manual excess fluid blowing
  • Drying and curing oven with direct heating
  • Manual stainless steel painting booth with external exhaust and CO2 extinguishing system
  • Plastic paint booth for quick colour changes, special spray gun with rotating bells called Inobell for application of homogeneous paint layer
  • Next Generation Powder Centre 2023
  • Cooling tunnel with axial fans
  • Air handling unit with a capacity of 20 000 m3/hr located on the roof of the hall
  • Continuous conveyor with upward groove with nominal speed of 1 m/min
  • Automatic neutralization station
  • Zephyr compressor including accessories
  • Camouflage technology HangOn
  • Chemistry Alufinish

Project description

The paint shop was delivered and commissioned within the required timeframe. The project was implemented through an EU grant.

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