Electric heating oven for thermal pre-treatment

For a customer producing automotive headlight components, we designed and supplied an electric oven for thermal pre-treatment and curing. The oven is designed for a temperature of 250°C with a rapid ramp up to operating temperature and incorporates two 79kW electric heating units.

Project information

CustomerALW INDUSTRY, s.r.o.
Year of Realization2023
LocationOlomouc (CZ)
Industryproduction of headlight components for automotive

Project description

The curing of the applied powdered plastic takes place in a conventional way - with hot air in a chamber oven heated by electricity. The circulating hot air is heated by passing it through a heating unit consisting of a set of electric heating units and is blown into the working area of the oven by means of a circulator. The intense air flow inside the oven ensures an even temperature distribution throughout the interior. The oven is equipped with two swing doors. An extractor fan is located above the door. The oven complies with the safety requirement of the EN 1539 standard for the possibility of opening the door from the inner space (in case a person is locked in the working space).

The control system includes a 10" comfort control terminal, internet connection and remote management, database entry - HiVision CLOUD, possibility of sending an e-mail when the curing process is completed, light and sound signaling when the curing process is completed, malfunction or open door, autostart - automatic heating of the oven and memory for 5 curing recipes (time, temperature for repeating product type).

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