Manual coating line with pretreatment by immersion

For SERVIS CLIMAX, a major Czech manufacturer of shading technology, we realized a powder coating line with a pre-treatment by immersion for degreasing Al materials.

Project information

CustomerSERVIS CLIMAX a.s.
Year of Realization2021
LocationVsetín (CZ)
Flow profile6000 x 1500 x 500 mm (l x h x w)
Industrymanufacturer of shading solutions
  • manual handling system of the line 
  • 4° immersion pretreatment, gas heating, active and rinse baths
  • handling system for the bath (tank) section
  • demineralised water production equipment 1m³/hr + 3 m³ storage tank
  • waste water tank 5 m³
  • gas drying oven
  • gas curing oven
  • manual conveyor

Project description

We built another large fully automatic powder coating plant with Power&Free conveyor in the same hall.

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